What I learned From The 2016 Election.

What I learned From The 2016 Election.

What I learned from the 2016 Election

To start an article of this nature out I have to be 100% honest with the readers. I am a small government type of person. I do not want the government in the bedroom, my wallet, my job or any other part of my life. Or should I say a little as possible.

I often identify with the Libertarian view of life. I see nothing wrong with legalizing pot or a lot of things that are currently not legal for moral or whatever reasons. I honestly believe that the government is way to large and was never intended to be as large or as powerful as it has become.

CNS a conservative political publication is reporting that the total number of government employees out numbers manufacturing jobs by 21,995,000 to 12,329,000. This not only fly's in the face of how American is supposed to be but is also unsustainable as a country. In order to pay these employees you have to have a tax base to support the salaries.

The Media

It became painfully clear in this election that the vast majority of the news media has a bias towards one political party over the other. It was something that in the past was always suspected by people who followed the other party, but this year the press did not even try to hide it.

The most blatant example of this was when on the same day information came out about both candidates. One was the revelation of the video involving Donald Trump and Billy Bush, the other was the Wiki Leaks release that had some bombshell information about Hillary Clinton. The media collectively spent 29 minutes on the Trump video and 58 seconds on the Wiki Leaks news.

When I was growing up I remember that the news was more impartial than that. It seems to me that the news would report on the news and not so much try to hide the news that did not look good for the candidate that they liked. I do also remember that when Ronald Reagan was president the news organizations did not like him. Sam Donaldson was one of the most outspoken opponents of Reagan but it never seemed to be this bad. That makes me fear for the state of the news media in our country.

What has happened that they have not reported on that would make their chosen person look bad? How would that affect the choices that the American people would make? I realize that all news channels have their own slant, that is a given. Even Fox News has a clear bias in their commentary. But they also report the good and the bad about Republican candidates. They often report those things first. Now their commentary about it may be slanted but the reporting of the actual news is right on.

I find it interesting that "more than a quarter of U.S. voters named Fox News as the TV news or commentary source they trust the most, putting the channel well ahead of its cable and network rivals, according to a poll released Wednesday" according to the Washington Times.

It also became clear that the "elite" media holds a certain amount of disdain for the common person. They feel that they know what is best for people who are working hard to support their families and enjoy life. These people have become a joke to the news media. They are stupid and should not have a choice over their own lives. 

How did I get to that point? Because they supported candidates who believe in big government and mocked those who do not like that. The press is in total shock today. The simple reason is that they can not believe that the American people went against what they told them to do.

The danger in the behavior of the press is that their irresponsible behavior and one sided reporting has the world believing that the United States is going to fall apart. That there will be death in the streets, that the minorities will be gutted and beheaded with their heads hung from poles. Yes. with some of the reporting I have heard on the news that is a small exaggeration of how the world views the election.

 The Result

The result of this bias is that the American public is tired of the press dictating what they should think, how they should feel and how they should vote.

The middle and working classes have said enough is enough. Your not doing things right. You are not reporting the truth. We will not listen to you again. The press is in total shock today. MSNBC is devastated.

The Political Insiders

The fact that Hillary Clinton won Washington D.C. by 89% is a clear indication that being inside the beltway is a buffer from reality. But it goes much deeper than that. You can tell that they have no understanding of what the people of America feel. How they feel that they have been left behind.

They do not understand that the working middle class of America is tired of political correctness. They are tired of being dictated to by a government that they feel does not have their best interest at heart. By a government that is more interested in the bathroom habits of a certain segment of the population than in creating an economy that benefits all. If the do understand that then it is clear to the people who voted for Trump that they just don't care.

The Result

The American people clearly feel that they do not have a government that is listening to their needs. They feel that Washington D.C. does not hear them. Does not care what they say or feel. 

The Hollywood Elites

The disdain that the political class and the Washington insiders have for the working people in this country is not carried over to the Hollywood crowd. Unfortunately they have an outright hatred of these people. They want them to follow their beliefs like sheep. To not question the great knowledge that they posses.

It is clear that they have this hatred by the posts on Social Media they posted during the election and on election night. It can be seen in the tweet of Taran Killam a former Saturday Night Live cast member.

That one was only to be followed up by him doubling down on it with this tweet.

The questions that the people have for these folks is what makes them more intelligent about what make life work? How can they comment on the lives of people who do not have multi million dollar contracts to do a few hours of acting? 

Even when the Hollywood crowd does get things right they are and the people who point it out are told they took things out of context and to shut up. The example for saying that is the Michael Moore video he did for his movie Trumpland. In it Moore stated exactly why working America supports Trump. When they pointed this out they were told that they were stupid and took things out of context.

Well no they didn't take things out of context. Moore may have been showing his elitist attitude about the American people but the sad thing is that he was absolutely correct in his assessment of the trump supporter. He hit the nail on the head.

But the really funny and I am using funny as ha ha funny is that these Hollywood people think that they are so loved and so great that if they make a threat like "If Trump is elected I am moving out of America" actually resonates with the American people and will have some impact on their life choices.

The Result

The result is that the people told Hollywood to shut up and do what we pay you to do. You do not know anything about our lives. What it takes live in a country where you are trying your hardest to just get by. You do not know anything about having to work overtime to pay for health insurance that by the way that overtime will raise your annual income and cause your insurance rates to increase.

These people were told go ahead and move out, do you really think that your views matter to me? Really, do these people think their views are worth more than my neighbors, my friends' or my families or my own?

The American People

Over the past 16 years at least the working people of this country have been marginalized at best. They feel they have been being told to shut up, pay your taxes and let the more intelligent people tell you how to live your life. They have been told that if you disagree with the President you are a racist. If you disagree with a candidate you are sexist. If you want your country to have clear borders and expect that immigrants should follow the law when coming to America you are racist. I could go on and on but by now you know how it goes.

The working people do not see themselves as racist, sexist or any other ist. They believe that the very laws they are subject to should be followed by everyone. They believe that there is a clear bias that protects the ruling class. They believe that if they or someone they know would have done the same things as the Secretary of State had done they would be in jail. They do not understand how no less than four people could be doing jail time for doing less than Hillary Clinton did. They do not understand how a foundation that provided pay to play for foreign leaders could still be allowed to operate.

The working people in this country would like to know how a family that left the White House "dead broke" in 2000 can be multi millionaires in 2016 with no actual business, no job and no explanation for their wealth.

It has become clear that no matter what the Liberals and Socialists say, the working people do not begrudge rich people. If the person has built a business or a brand and worked hard to grow it then they support them. But there is no clear reason the Clinton's have the wealth they do. There is a clear reason Donald Trump has his wealth. The working people and the middle class just want their chance to reach for that wealth too.

The sad thing is that there are people who simply say that you should not support people like Trump because you will never get the chance to achieve those goals. The working people do not believe that. They believe that they can achieve this lofty goal if the government and the
Washington insiders get the hell out of their way. To stop the regulation, the political correctness and the other bull and let them live their lives.

The Result

That the working class, the "forgotten class", the ones told to shut up, pay your taxes and do what your told have decided to rebel. Is this a tea party type rebellion? No. The Tea Party was intended to look out for this class remember? Well they failed. They did not live up to their promises. 

It is as Michael Moore put it. "biggest 'fuck you' ever recorded in human history." And it felt good.

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