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A Webmaster Not A Designer

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works," --Steve Jobs

That quote by Steve Jobs is very true when it comes to web design today. Today's web design is not only about how pretty the site is.Bradley Finnearty, southeastern ohios most interesting webmaster

Content is king in 2017 and marketing is what gets your name out to the people you want to connect with. Marketing is about making a connection and brand management not advertising like it was in the past. I have successfully help market semi-profesional football teams, community centers and even sports analysts.

Customers are more savvy and better educated about their purchases.  Visitors to websites want an interaction, a connection with the content they are viewing. The old school shop and store owners would know about their customers, their lives and all of that. There was a connection between the store owner and the customer. Online marketing is about making that connection with your customers on a personal level, not just advertising to them.

Today's websites are about content management, page flow and interactivity. It is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money having a designer code a site. A business does not need to pay that kind of money anymore. Top media and commercial websites are now WordPress sites. Companies like  The New Yorker, Variety, MTV News,  The Walt Disney Company and Mercedes-Benz all use WordPress.  

The Columbus Fire website is considered one of the top semi-professional football websites in the country. The website made for SportzKelz is liked by her clients and a lot of people in the sports business. Read what my clients have to say about how I have helped them bellow. 

Momma Speaks 4 Me


Momma speaks 4 me website,

Welcome to Mommaspeaks4me.org as my newest client. Autism is growing in our country every year. The sad thing is that the parents of children with Autism turn to outside help to take care of their loved ones when they can't. Sometimes these children are not only not cared for properly but are also attacked by these caregivers. Momma Speaks 4 Me is an organization that is working to draw attention to these problems. Visit the website here.

Tonya Kelly


Sportzkelz website designed by Bradley Finnearty


tonya kellyI needed to upgrade my website to a more professional site Brad took the reigns and made it a masterpiece. I have closed many deals in the past two months based off my potential client visiting my website. Comments were: Website is cohesive and clean. Remarkable website. Very chic for a sports show. Lots of knowledge but interactive website. Brad is professional and provides excellent service from the beginning to the website going live.Tonya SportzKelz Kelly

Visit Site here.



My newest client is Tonya (SportzKelz) Kelly. An up and coming radio sports analyst with a new brand of radio show and getting a new radio network. The Global Radio Network is the new home for Tonya. With that she needed a new website.  She chose me to be her webmaster. I am honored to be able to not only give her a new and powerful website, but help guide her on marketing her website.


Columbus Fire Football



drewgreeI really like the website and just started promoting it to the players more to get them to share it with their friends and family as well as advising them that the site had been updated with the games listed with having the dates, times, and GPS locations if they click on the hyperlinks that you attached. The website is easy to navigate around with answering all of the questions that someone may have. THANK YOU!

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The Columbus Fire Website has been a three year labor of love for me. They came to me after they did not feel that their previous webmaster was taking their needs seriously. My job was to give them an easy to navigate website that their fans could go to find information about the team, the players, their sponsors and other things.

Ohio Ducks Football

The Ohio Ducks Website


joeymarkwellcustomer"We knew in the short time we met he was the person we wanted to work with. He's work has been great and flawless. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Everything I've asked has been done in a fast and timely manor and he has shown professionalism every step of the way."--Joe Markwell Owner Ohio Ducks Football

Visit Site here.

The Ohio Ducks are an adult flag football team. They are starting with little content but want a site that their fans can go to and find out about upcoming games, past scores and pictures of games that have been played.

Hocking County Historical Society


"Thank you for the request for anyone to provide ideas for programs or people who might consider doing a presentation. I appreciate your assistance in providing guidance and recommendations for the website, and how quick you have been at making any requested updates."-- Sharon Flowers-Hocking County Historical Society.

"Our web site never looked so good you can really tell you are in your element thanks for all your great work!"-- Debra Klinger-Hocking County Historical Society President.

Christ's Church of God


doug"Bradley Finnearty not only designed my website, but went above and beyond my expectations to provide me the services and options I sought for my website. Brad is my first and foremost recommendation to anyone I know looking for a truly professionally developed finished product you can be proud of. I am also pleased that he is a local business person. I like keeping our local businesses in business."--Douglas Gamble, Christs Church Of God.

Barb Long LISW


barbcustomer"I am always telling people about Bradley Finnearty, Certified webmaster. He has been great to work with. He listened to my needs regarding my website and what I wanted to accomplish through it and put together a perfect site. Even after the site was up he has been very helpful to me in keeping it updated. He has taught me how to do some things so I could add to my pages, and what I can't do he has done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Bradley for all your webmaster needs.."-- Barb Long Owner Spiritual Vistas Counseling