Sandy Sues Silver Diner, Logan Ohio


A nice warm winter day always makes Bobbi and I want to get out and enjoy the day. On this day we decided to head to the Hocking Hills Market to visit the craft and antique malls. When we arrived we decided to give Sandy Sue's Silver Diner a try. The one thing I can say is that it definitely was not a mistake to do that.

First thing when you pull up in front of the diner is you just get a feeling of nostalgia, that is for those old enough to remember the old road side diners that dotted the roads in the past. Not all of them were "silver diners" but you can not mistake the feeling. It was about the same.

When entering there was one of the old time jukeboxes in the entry way. I am sure that it played digital music instead of 45 records, but all the same it was still there. The counter was in clear view with a couple of older gentlemen setting at the end of it talking. Much the way it would have been in the 1960's.

“Anybody who doesn’t think that the best hamburger place in the world is in his home town is a sissy.”--Calvin Trillin

We took our seats and were quickly waited on by our server who asked if wanted something to drink and returned with those drinks promptly.

We were given time to look over the menu and make our choice. I opted for the fish tail, fries and coleslaw. Bobbi chose the Chicken Chile. Again the order was made quickly and delivered to the table hot. That was impressive as there were two other tables of people there who arrived about the same time as us.

bobbi at sandy sues silver dinerI have to say that I have been to a lot of restaurants in my life and had a lot of sea food. Until my experience at Sandy Sue's the best fish I had ever had was at a little sea side diner in North Carolina. That was until now. The fish was tender, flaky with a great flavor. The Fries were perfectly done and that is saying something. I am very picky about my fries. I don't like them if they are to crunchy, to hot or cold or to soft. These were in my opinion perfect. I will say that I was not a fan of the slaw. It was just not to the texture I liked. The flavor was okay, but the texture left some to be desired. But that is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. They are like arm pits, everyone has some and most stink.

Bobbi offered me some of the chicken chili that she had. I have to say a small offer as she was engrossed in it. I can understand why. It was really great chili. Not to spicy with a great flavor. I will definitely get that the next time we go. That is if they have it. It was a "special" and it was also the first time they offered it. I have to say it was a great "experiment" on their part.  So the atmosphere was great, the food was exceptional what about the pricing? Well that makes it three for three. Our check with the above described food and two drinks came to $16. That makes it worth the short drive out of town to eat there. If you are a tourist in the area visiting Hocking Hills State Park or one of the other attractions in the area you will do yourself an injustice by not stopping by and getting something.We are going to make it one of our regular dining establishments.

The rest of the trip was just as nice. The large amount of store and things to see that the flea market made the trip enjoyable. Unfortunately the putt putt golf course was closed, which was a bummer but the rest of the experience was great.

If you are taking a trip to the Hocking Hills this summer you have to take a half a day or so to see what it is all about. The locals already know.

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Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.

What about you? Have you ever been to Sandy Sue's? Do you have a favorite diner that you like to go to? What about the old silver diners, is there one in your area? 

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2016 Lancaster festival art walk

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”--Henry Moore

What started out as an extremely hot and humid day with a heat advisory turned rainy with thunderstorms around noon. That caused the 12 o'clock concert by Arnett Howard to be cancelled. That could have been the end of the Art Walk for this year, but remember, this is Ohio. Wait 15 minutes things will change.

That turned out to be the case. After the rain stopped, the humidity dropped and it turned into the perfect evening for the 2016 Art Walk. The headlining act of Erica Blinn took the stage and delivered a fantastic show.

The crowd grew, the flash mob dance that dedicated to the disco era was a large amount of fun to watch. These Five Guys played to an enthusiastic crowd and things just got better from there.

These images show that the folks who attended had a great time and were not disappointed for sure.


About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived most of my life in Southeastern Ohio. I enjoy local indie musicians, entertainers and artisans and finding out about why they do what they do. I have lived a life filled with problems of having bipolar disorder. My blog is a diverse hodgepodge of things that interest me and my life with Bipolar1 disorder. I write as I talk and hope you feel like I am having a conversation with you about these topics and not like I am telling you what or how to feel. If you enjoy my blog please leave me a message I enjoy hearing from people who read my words. 

Do you attend local music festivals? Do you attend the Lancaster Festival when it is happening?

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Southeastern Ohio Artist Darren McGrath
You often hear people say things like “do what you love” and other such motivation comments. I am a firm believer in that for many reasons. But in order to do what you love you have to find it, and to some that never happens. They are always worried about what they have to do, or what society says is the “right thing to do”. But sometimes the lucky ones figure out what they love to do at a very young age.

That is where artist Darren McGrath started. He knew at a very young age that being an artist and painting was something that he loved to do. He was an only child and has he says “I had to find ways to entertain myself . Drawing pictures of King Kong , Superman , Spiderman and Batman were my favorite subjects and my love for drawing would be sometimes used against me when my parents wanted me out of their hair for a while , especially when packing to head to the Hocking Hills area of Ohio to visit relatives on the weekends.” It was his favorite uncle who himself was an artist who inspired Darren to paint.

Darren McGrath painting of Ole Roy.That started a long love affair with painting that included him getting his first pastel set that was a gift from his mom and dad and then subsequently getting them taken away for getting paint on his clothing as most kids will do. He did not see his beloved pastel set for several years. So it was back to Crayons for the budding young painter. His great uncle and grandma brought him to lancaster to buy my first bob ross master paint set in 1990.

He used his drawing to get through the blizzards of “77” and “78” and through high school. A transfer to a new school that is traumatic to most teens especially when you do not connect with the school or the other students saw him use his artistic talent to get through it and as he says he won more art awards there than any other time in his school career.

Mountain Painting my Darren McGrathHe first saw one of his favorite artists William Alexander in the late 70’s or early 80’s and fell in love with his style of painting. He also saw Bob Ross and felt that Ross was copying Alexander’s style. Darren watched the show with his mother who loved Ross’s paintings of water falls and compared them to the waterfalls at the Hocking Hills State Park in Southeastern Ohio. In early 1986 he lost his mother to cancer and made her a promise that the would continue to paint in the vein of Ross and Alexander. He does admit that he stopped drawing for a time after his mothers death but started again.

Darren has painted his entire life and has had such honors as having his work displayed at the Lancaster Art Walk during the Lancaster Festival in 2009 and in 2010. His work was also used as promotional material for the 2010 and 2011 art walks.

He also donates some of his work to charities, where he says his saddest memory was when he donated to his first auction for a young lady who was suffering from the same cancer his own mother had suffered with years before. The bidding started at $25 and rapidly grew to $200. He feels every time he donates a painting to a charity for auction that the unknown outcome is hard to watch.

Darren paints several types of things from Ohio State athletes, Scenery and animals in the styles of Alexander and Ross. He has been asked several times why he continues to paint in that style and his response is very simple. He “asks himself the same thing, I sometimes ask myself the same question when I can use soft pastel and paint traditionally just as well . I guess it all comes down to those days when I felt like my life couldn’t get any worse and watching “The Joy Of Painting” and “The Magic of Oil Painting” took my mind of all my problems . I also know my Mom wouldn’t want me to paint any other way . “

Darren’s artwork and desire is something that I admire and found very inspiring. That is the thing about doing what you love isn’t it. To do what makes you happy and being good at it comes naturally.

Personally Darren is a very funny and friendly person. He is personable, intelligent and easy to be around. This shows in his work on canvas as well. He has a love for life and for the arts.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.–Harriet Tubman

Everyone has a dream, something they want to do or achieve. It is up to you to decide that you can do it. Remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Darren has painted his entire life. It is something that he loves. He works hard at it, to learn more and to be better. Be inspired and motivated by his story.

If you would like to get in touch with Darren you may on his facebook page.

You can purchase Darren’s paintings at Fine Art America

This is a reprint of an earlier published article.

About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived most of my life in Southeastern Ohio. I enjoy local indie musicians, entertainers and artisans and finding out about why they do what they do. I have lived a life filled with problems of having bipolar disorder. My blog is a diverse hodgepodge of things that interest me and my life with Bipolar1 disorder. I write as I talk and hope you feel like I am having a conversation with you about these topics and not like I am telling you what or how to feel. If you enjoy my blog please leave me a message I enjoy hearing from people who read my words. 

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Southeastern Ohio stained glass artist cher mitchelAuthor 

Hocking County Ohio resident Cher Mitchell has found a passion is in stained glass and spends many hours working to make some really beautiful things with her talent. I recently contacted Cher and asked her about her work. She told me that she wanted a way to express herself and the things that she believes in, and in October of 2012 took up the ancient art.

Motivation for creativity is all around.

Cher Mitchel Stained Glass heartHer creativity usually comes from the things around her, the Bible, her family, nature, pets and her friends. She says that ideas from people wanting to see things that aren't made by machine but have the feeling of uniqueness and love are her best art projects.
I asked Cher to tell me about why she started doing stained glass art and she said “I was looking for something to fill the empty time I had and be able to express myself. To fulfill a need to the community with a message through art. I like the idea of making something and it having a different meaning to fit each person in a different way. Some weeks I spend 30 to 40 hours in my shop working with projects or creating new ones.” She said that when “Looking back at my first pieces I cringe and remember all cuts and scrapes I endured during that production.” Her favorite pieces to make are snowmen as she loves them.

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.--Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

A few months ago she wasn't able to use flux or solder due to nose bleeds so she started making stained glass ribbon and sticker art. Since then she has resumed her glass work with solder and have made some beautiful mobiles for friends and family,this is my latest I have for sell.

The history of stained glass.

The ancient Egyptian art of stained glass is one that many people still enjoy today. In its beginning stained glass was believed to have been used as jewelry or even currency. The earliest know man made stained glass was in the form of beads during time of 2750 to 2625 BC. The best known form of stained glass in used in windows predominantly in churches and these windows are actually paintings done in glass. Today the art of stained glass has mostly returned to its roots of jewelry and decoration. Glass making was the first industry to be set up in America in Jamestown around 1607.

A passion for Crochet also.

When Cher was 6 years old her grandmother took the time to teach her about the art of crochet. She said of her crochet work I picked it up and laid it down so many times over the years. Each time I would take interest I would learn something new. Then about 2 years ago I just continued making more and more projects and I love it." Her favorite crotchet item she has made so far is something she calls her version coat of many colors. She tole me about her passion of crochet, "My crochet was a passion I was following to help people. I thought I would make small blankets for the homeless. It takes 7days wording 6 hours a day for me to make a 51x41 using a double crochet stitch throughout the blanket. I started selling items to cover cost and I just enjoy making things in the winter when my stained glass shop is unavailable to work in."

Old Time Crafts

She owns her own business called Old Time Crafts and it has an Etsy account and her Pinterest page. She also works with crochet and sells her wonderful handmade items at the Rockbridge Flea Market. If you would like to contact Cher about making something special for you contact her at her Facebook page Old Time Crafts.

This is a posting of a previously posted article

About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived most of my life in Southeastern Ohio. I enjoy local indie musicians, entertainers and artisans and finding out about why they do what they do. I have lived a life filled with problems of having bipolar disorder. My blog is a diverse hodgepodge of things that interest me and my life with Bipolar1 disorder. I write as I talk and hope you feel like I am having a conversation with you about these topics and not like I am telling you what or how to feel. If you enjoy my blog please leave me a message I enjoy hearing from people who read my words. 

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Micah Kesselring Home grown blues music.
Micah Kesselring at the 2016 Lancaster Festival.


Virgin Records was started by Richard Branson and group of friends in the bottom of a church in England. He has built it into an empire that spans travel, music, telecommunications and much, much more. His daughter Holly Branson is heading up a campaign that asks "Is technology hurting music"?. I think to answer the question properly you have to also ask the question What are they talking about, Indie music or Big Name Music"?

I think when it comes to big name music it may be true, but more what is damaging the "National Acts" are the entertainers themselves. I mean how many truly talented entertainers are on the national scene today? Just because entertainers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and others are selling music to teeny boppers does not mean that they are of the same caliber as acts from just a decade ago, let alone two or three decades ago. There are a number of truly talented people out today.  Lady Gaga is one of those extremely talented entertainers. But there are very few today that equal the talent of the Beatles, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, but we all know what great talents those entertainers were. When you talk about the talent of those entertainers you are talking about writing, producing, performing and many other aspects of the music. They did not have auto tune, and all the other things that entertainers have today.  

Now on the other hand if you are talking about local indie music that is completely another case. If it were not for technology and the internet small bands would be at the mercy of performing in small bars and hoping that some way, some how they might get noticed enough to become a regional act. The chances of them getting their music heard around the country or around the world would be none at best. Now with the invention of the net and websites like Sound Cloud, Revernation, You Tube and others local groups can build a following all around the world and sell their music to that audience.These entertainers also have at their hands computers and programs that help them do their own producing. They can put together their own cd's and sell them making it more cost effective to try to get their music out.

Small groups like Fear The Fallen, or individual entertainers like Julia Neville and Mitch Kirkpatrick can get their voices heard by people all around the world who like their music and would otherwise not be able to hear it or even know that these entertainers exist. One only needs to look at the success of a group originally out of Logan Ohio called 7th Cycle to understand how the new technology can get your message and sound out to people all around the world. Unfortunately they are no longer together due to life and other things that nothing to do with their talent or drive. But a look at the bands Facebook Page you see that a local band from Southeastern Ohio has built a following of over 4,800 Facebook fans. They had fans from all around the United States and some from other countries. Another group that achieved some national success is from Parkersburg West Virginia is Bobaflex. Both bands have their music played on the most popular radio stations in the areas they live in.

I can not forget one young man who has a great talent when it comes to Blues music. That is Micha Kesselring. This young man in his early twenty's has made a mark in the industry and continues to grow. From his Reverbnation profile "Following a performance at the Blues City Cafe on Beale Street, he was awarded the inaugural Generation Blues scholarship at the age of 15 to the Centrum Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival & Workshop in Port Townsend, Washington, which was presented to him by Cassie Taylor at the IBC band finals. Micah later went on to perform as a special guest with the Otis Taylor Band at the Blues Music Awards in May of 2009, and performed at numerous festivals, including the Heritage Music Bluesfest in Wheeling, WV, the Traditional Acoustic Blues Festival in Worthington, OH, the Grey Skies Blues Fest in Tacoma, WA, Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival in Gahanna, OH and the Big Bend Blues Bash in Pomeroy, OH throughout the next couple of years." It is clear to see why I feel that local indie entertainment is something worth paying attention to .

But technology helping local indie entertainers in not just limited to the music industry. There is also Professional Wrestling who's entertainers can be followed by people who happen to see them in a show and want to continue to follow them. It can also be seen in the world of semi-professional football. Being the webmaster for the local team The Columbus Fire I can see who visits their site and where they are from. They regularly have visits from Russia, Mexico and other places not to mention almost all 50 states.

If technology is helping local entertainers then why would it be bad for national acts?

The big thing is the fact that people use the technology to copy and share the music. So one person may buy the music but hundreds or thousands of people will enjoy it for free. But to be honest since the invention of recording equipment for individuals that has been a problem for the music industry. I don't even want to get started on the law suits and things that "national acts" have put little people through just for a few dollars of money from those lost sales.

The thing is I don't think that is what is killing the national music industry. I think it is simply greed on the part of the acts, recording studios, producers and others. Think about it, $20 for a C.D. of half hearted offerings from someone who can only sing is more than any one can really afford. Does anyone other than a crazed teenager want to spend between $90 and $350 to see Justin Bieber in concert? That is especially since their is great chance the entertainer is lip syncing. Why pay between $65 and $235 to take your daughter to a vulgar performance by Miley Cyrus when you really don't want her to see that type of thing anyway? It is the commercialization of music that makes it undesirable to the average person spending their money on tickets and c.d.s put out by these performers. Their target audience can not afford these prices, especially in a hard economy like this. But what is their way of dealing with the lost revenue they have by having poor talent and high prices? To sue people for downloading their music.

I love, I mean absolutely love the music of Paul McCartney but would I pay $250 to see him in concert? No, I had the chance to see him at a city near my home and would not pay that much. That is just ridiculous. There is absolutely no question as to the talent of Sir Paul, but again no way.

Add to that the fact that these very same people who have limited to no talent want to get political and throw insults out to some of the very people who probably purchased their tickets and are setting in the audience. Do you really want to pay $250 a ticket to have someone who believes they are above you insult you?

What I would rather do.

I really would rather spend my entertainment dollar on local music. The talent that is available is great and the entertainment you get for the money is what would be called in today's slang "out of control". Doing the work I have done with the former Logan-hocking Activity Center and other things has afforded me the chance to see 7th Cycle, Bobaflex and other in concert. To see the show's they put on and to be a part of it all. I am stating from that experience that there is nothing like being literally a couple of feet from the entertainers, to interact with them on stage by being able to make eye contact with them. Knowing that they deeply appreciate everyone in the audience and love what they are doing is something that you just can't get a big arena with thousands of screaming people all pushing you out of the way to get a better view.

There is a bitter sweet part of all of this. That is that I would love to see my friends make it big and be recognized for the talents that they have. But I really don't want to see them get negatively affected by that national music scene. These people are all great people and just want to do what they love I would not want any of them to wind up like Justin or Miley.

View the Mitch Kirkpatrick video "BYOP"

I have had the great opportunity to interview some of these wonderful people such as Julia Neville just when she released her new song "Diamonds Are Hard On Six Strings" for my article Julia Neville Dancing With Music. I found her to be a really warm and nice  lady who I feel deserves to have a chance to get her music heard by everyone.  

Please support your local entertainers.

If you get the chance to see one of the entertainers I have mentioned on here or someone else who is local to you then by all means go see and support them. You do not have to attend bars or clubs to do so, at least not in Southeastern Ohio. There are music festivals and other things going on every weekend some where in the summer and you will have to look a little harder but can find indoor concerts in the winter. Go, go, go. You will not walk away feeling like you wrongly spent your entertainment dollar with most of the local acts you can see.

Or you can spend close to $1,000 seeing Justin in concert. Let me know how that goes for you.

About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.

What about you? Most people love music and have it in their daily lives. Do you listen to local music or do you pay more attention to the national scene? Do you attend local music festivals?

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Bipolar disorder and the past


I learned that I was bipolar1 about 15 years ago and ever since then I have looked  back at my past to see how it has affected my life. I don't dwell on it but I do look back at parts of my life and say "did it cause that?

My reason for that is that I have made some extremely strange and troubling choices. Have done some extremely bad things that would make a person believe that I am a bad person. Things that make me say "why did I do that?"

In order for someone to understand what I am talking about I have to give the reader a brief history of my past. Just as I had to understand what I did and why. These are things that I am not proud of but are a part of my life none the less.  

In my post The Story Of A Middle-Aged Bipolar Man And How I Survived I gave my history in more detail than I am going to go into now and you can find out more there. But in short I had a dream of joining the Air Force and becoming a D.J. on the Armed Forces Network. I let that go by the way side to get married and "live for today". My life later turned into raising 3 kids with a job that I hated in a life that I hated. I turned all that negativity against my kids in a very wrong way. I also had an addiction to sex that although did not affect my family it did affect my happiness as I was not free to follow the sexual things I wanted to pursue. Again, that angst was turned against my kids.

So with that out of the way you can understand that I had to figure out how much of my Bipolar1 caused all of that and how much of it was other factors.  

In order to figure out if my Bipolar1 had any effect on my behavior I did some research into the personality characteristics of Bipolar people. Since I am BP1 and only know about my dealings with it I will talk about what I found out when it comes to that. A 2012 study by Ulsan College of Medicine in Seoul found some interesting things. It found that there are personality differences between BP1 and BP2 among other things. 

For purposes of my article here are the findings that affect me.

When the different patients were surveyed it was found that those who were in the Bipolar I group scored low points in terms of neuroticism, whilst Bipolar II patients scored much higher. The same Bipolar II patients suffered increased levels of anxiety, feelings of vulnerability and depression because of this.

Conversely, Bipolar I sufferers scored more highly on the extraversion dimension of the test and the more positive elements that went with this particular trait, whilst the Bipolar II patients had a significantly lower score. Source

Though people with Bipolar 1 do not characteristically have anxiety issues they are subject to them. But that does not answer my question about the past. It did not answer about judgement. So on with the research I went.

I found that manic periods can and do affect judgement. During a manic period, people with bipolar disorder often have impaired judgment and act recklessly. People with bipolar disorder often do not recognize just how ill they are (a condition known as anosognosia) and may blame their problems on outside factors. Source There it is. What I have been looking for. Bipolar can cause bad judgment. Yes, all the bad things I did in life before I found out about being Bipolar can be explained.  

Before anyone says "you are looking for an excuse" I want to say that I am not looking for an out. I was wondering if there was a reason for my bad judgement and not just me being a bad person. So now I have it. The fact that I do not feel like a bad person means something. I am not. It is just that before I found out that there was reason for all of this I felt like the most evil person in the world. Now I can concentrate on moving forward with life.

One of the things that I found out I must do to move on is to forgive myself for my past. I have heard it said many times in order to get forgiveness for your wrong doings you must forgive yourself first. I had done that, but I have never felt that the people who I wronged the most forgave me. I tried to apologize and explain why I did what I did and what happened. But none of that helped. I know my son never forgave me. I had hoped that my daughters had.

They had told me many times that they had but I did not feel like it. I kn during one certain conversation one of my daughters told me that her and her brother had blocked out parts of their childhoods. That they could not remember whole part of it. When I made the comment that the older you get the more you forget of your childhood it made them mad that I was minimizing their pain. Other conversations like that made me believe that I was right. They had not forgiven the past. So I tried harder. But again it did not work.

Then after one particularly rude conversation between my son and myself I had decided I had enough. Period. So I wrote a letter that I sent to all three of them at the same time stating that very point and that I did not want to hear it anymore. Well that went over like a lead balloon. I received notes back from all of them saying what a disgusting person I was and that they did not want to have any contact with me anymore. That they did not set around and think about the past and other things. There were other things said, but that was the short of the story.  

At first it hurt because I had done and given so much to do "the right thing" by them after the fact. But then it hit me. I wondered if in a subconscious way I did it to "kick them" out of my life. I wondered if I knew that they would react that way? I don't know. Maybe I am putting to much thought into it. But the end result was that they do not have the constant reminder of me in their lives to force the past on them, and neither do I. I can get past it also. I am not at all proud or defending what I did in the way of the poor treatment of my children, but it is over. It was 25 years ago there has to come a time when a person has to move on regardless of the past.  

"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it."

Michel de Montaigne

No it was not a selfless act of allowing my children the freedom to move on. It again was poor judgement that in this rare case worked out for the best in a way. No I do not have contact with my children any more and that hurts in a way. But it is what is best for all of us. I know that in my heart. But it did allow a chance to move on. To heal from the past for them and for me. To move on from it. Hopefully one day it may be corrected. I hope so.

That is one of the many ways that understanding Bipolar can help you have hope for the future. I now can understand  that the bad judgments of the past can be dealt with and moved past. I now can see past it all. There is a hope for future judgments.  

How? Well I can now think about something when or shortly after it happens to rethink it if you will. To say to myself, is that the way you want it to be? I find myself doing that all the time anymore. It gets so aggravating to have to do that, but in order to be the kind of person I want to be I have to do it. It just as important as taking my medication.

That has been the positive about learning about my situation. Now all things make since. All of the strange things in my past make since. I look back at all the bizarre stuff and in some strange way it all makes since. So now it is on to the future.

I can at least look to the future with a hope that I have not had in a long time before now. Not only because of learning about my bipolar and what caused me to do that things that I have done in the past, but because there is a new hope for small businesses in the country today. I have been waiting on this day for a long time. In my world the best thing I can have is a hope for the future. I think that is the biggest thing that anyone can have, hope for the future.  

It is said that in order to move on, in order to find a future there has to be a cleansing of the past. The way that I did it may be wrong but it seems that sometimes you have feel the pain of your actions in a new way.

You can find a brighter future from a painful past. Even if you are the one who causes that pain. Empathy for the pain is a must, but you can't live your entire life trying to make up for mistakes that you made. At some point it all just has to end.

About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.


What about you? Do you have any pain from the past that you have had to clean out so that you could move on?

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What I am going to try to do is to explain in lay terms why President Trump was elected by and is supported by the working class of America. I will be talking about my own views and things that people have told me about how they feel. You know water cooler talk. It seems to the working class of America that their voices can only be heard by one person and that is President Trump. It seems the elites in America, the Progressives, the Liberals all do not want to hear what we have to say or just don't care. That is frustrating to all of us and in writing this I  am hoping to make it painfully clear as to what we are talking about.

The main reason that Trump was elected is his ability to connect to the working people in this country. It is that simple. He connected in a way that most professional politicians can't or don't want to. He is a refreshing alternative to a President who just wanted to lecture the working people of America. It seemed to myself and the people I talked to that President Obama thought he was better than us. That we should just set back and let him and the progressives tell us what was best for us. If any of you know the working class, the blue collar workers, the middle class, the "average" person you know that just does not fly. No way. No how. The really insulting part of it was when we tried to say what we thought, when we gave our point of view, We were called racists, homophobes, xenophobes and other vial things. There was even a candidate who said we were to be put in a "basket of deplorable s."

None of those things.

The thing is that most people are none of those things. The people that support Trump just want to work at a job that provides their families with a life. They want to have a decent vehicle, a nice home, to be able to take care of their kids and help them with their educations and to be able to take a vacation every once in a while. They really don't think that is to much to ask.

The previous administration did not seem to care about those things. They seemed to care more about the feelings of certain special interest groups of people that voted for them. We feel as though our needs have not important except when it came to paying taxes then we were needed. Nobody asked us about how Obamacare would affect us but instead told us we have to participate or get fined. In other words we were to pay for insurance that we could not afford or pay a fine that we could not afford. That money was to come from jobs that barely paid our rent or mortgages because the good jobs do not exist anymore.

Jobs are another of the issues that made us feel like the needs of the working people were not important. The good jobs were being sent to foreign countries to pay people less than they would make here. The answer from the administration was for people to get expensive educations and deal with the new world. We were also told that the problems were caused by the corporations and the rich. If they weren't so greedy then all the worlds problems go away. 

The thing about of that is that most working people do not blame the rich or the corporations. They understand how things work in a free enterprise system. That is after all part of the American dream isn't it? To work hard, achieve and be a success. For many years the Democratic party has villainized success and achievement. If you made it in the business world then you were somehow evil. That again did not seem to be right to the working people. But for years we were told that it was selfish to think that way.  

The elites of Washington and Hollywood

To the elites we were just a joke until time to vote then their "concern" was directed our way. The things promised from the previous administration and the last Democratic candidate sounded so good until you realize that they were just words. That they are the same things that have been said for the last 20 years. When you realize that the people who are saying those words are dependent on the unions and other special interests that do not have the working classes best interests at heart.  

To Hollywood we are just money in their pockets. We are j the people who they look down on when they are flying from coast to coast. We are jokes at their award ceremonies. But yet we are the ones who buy their movies, their music and their books.  They seem to think that we need to be educated by them, maybe we do. Maybe we are stupid for giving them our hard earned money. Maybe we should give our our entertainment dollars to local groups, local people who are just like us and trying to make a living and live the dream. Do you know how insulting it is to have a celebrity who is worth millions of dollars stand on a stage while receiving an award that other Hollywood elites has decided they should have tell us that we are lower than them because of who we voted for? The really bad part of that is that the very celebrity who is preaching about our choice of President gets paid to wear a dress by a designer that none of us can afford for ourselves, our wives or our daughters and they get to keep the dress. These celebrities do not pay our bills. They do not raise our children. They do not work at our jobs yet they seem to know what is best for us.

In my article What I learned From The 2016 Election I touched on some of these things. I also posted a video of the right wing extremist Michael Moore talking about Trump supporters. Again I will make the disclaimer that I know it is not meant to be a praise of Trump but an attack. But the description is spot on. It was exactly why people voted for Trump and still support him. I thought for one brief moment that the left would watch this video and at least understand a part of Trump and his supporters. But no. It is clear that they just do not care. It is clear that they just do not care about 50% of what the country feels.

The Media

One of the really humorous things that has been happening is the way the media is reacting to President Trump. I find it funny simply because for many years the middle and working classes of America has been saying the same things about the press. I mean it goes way back. We have been calling CNN the Clinton News Network, CBS the Clinton Broadcasting System and other names like that since Bill Clinton was president. They make it clear when during press conferences they asked President Obama "What enchants you?" Are you serious? During a press conference they ask President a hard question like that?

What President Trump has done is to tap into that. We know when we are being lied to. We know when a story is being twisted. How do we know that? This is the information age. We can go online and get different angles of the story. There are many ways to find information now. We also know what does not "feel right" when we hear it. When the media spends several minutes on negative stories about a Republican candidate but only sings the praises of the Democratic candidate then we know something is up. When a corespondent states that he has a "tingle down his leg" on election night when a Democrat wins, but then goes into a tirade when a Republican wins or when reporters start openly crying then it is clear their new reporting is not unbiased.

The media also is one of the major groups behind the whole cancerous political correctness culture that is destroying free speech in America today. People who I know and talk to feel as though they have to parse every word they say. They can not slip up with a word that might offend someone. I am not talking about use of the truly offensive words such as the "n" word of other such awful things. I am talking about just a simple holiday greeting like Merry Christmas. That might offend someone so don't say it. There is the phrase illegal immigrant a term that accurately describes something but it is offensive. The proper term is undocumented immigrants. The use of the phrase Islamic extremist is one that is almost as bad as the n word. Really? These are phrases that are used every day by people to describe a situation or problem that they see is hurting our country. By removing those phrases and replacing them with the politically correct version you are diminishing the impact of the problem.  My point is this. It is perfectly acceptable to use a phrase like "right wing Christian extremist" because that is what they are. Yes they do exist and they are a danger. Timothy McVey come to mind? So why is it not acceptable to use Islamic Extremist? If it is offensive to the Muslims who do involve themselves in terrorism then isn't if offensive to Christians who do not support what McVey or others do? Not according to the politically correct left and the media that pushes their agendas.

Even in their political correctness they have a penchant for insulting people. Example you ask. During the election we kept hearing about Trump only having the support of "uneducated white males". Really? It is okay to politically correct say "stupid white men" but Illegal Immigrant is unacceptable? Can you imagine someone writing a story about an uneducated Hispanic man? Wow. But yet it is acceptable to say it about people who  support a Presidential candidate. 

The Connection

As a marketing person I can tell you that one of the most important things when it comes to marketing anything is to make a connection with the people you want to get your story out to. Without that connection you have no chance of having your story heard. Donald Trump made that connection.

He is known as the "blue collar billionaire" for a reason. It is clear to us that he is just as comfortable around working people as he is around the white tie crowd. We can tell by the way he talks that he understands what we are going through. You can see that he has been around working people and not only talked to them but listened to them. His sense of humor, his sarcasm and his speech patterns all point to the simple fact that he understands our lives.  

His family seems to be the same way. I have followed them since he announced his bid to become President and they seem to be a phenomenal family. When he sits on his plane eating McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken he seems to be very comfortable with it. Oh of course there were the people saying that was a photo opp until people in the press said no he actually will send people to get that for him and sometimes buys it for the press. He is an average guy to us. Contrast that with Hillary who was lost in Chipotle.  Had to have Huma help her with the menu. Does that mean that Trump would be a better President than Hillary? No. But it does feel that Trump does have a bit of a connection to people who sometimes consider that a treat for their families.

His war with the media is another connection that is welcome. He is giving voice to the average working person who is tired of political correctness and the press's misleading stories and articles about life in general. The working people are tired of it. Like I said before, we are smart enough to be able to tell when the press is saying something that is not true or heavily slanted to say the least.

I personally enjoy watching Fox News to find out what is going on with the world. I know a lot of you are going to say something like "fake news" but I truly trust Sheppard Smith to deliver the honest news. Why? Because whether you believe it or not he is not a Trump fan. He gets on Trump for a lot of his actions. But you know what? He is fair about it. You never hear President Trump call him out on it. Shep is fair about his reporting. Trump calls out the press on their "fake" news. His supporters also know that when he calls CNN or MSNBC as fake news he is not saying that they are making up stories. He is saying that they are intentionally misleading in their reporting of the news. One example is that when President Trump was running for office the news would report that Trump was having people violently removed from his events. That his security would beat the person. Well now we and have seen that those very protestors were the ones who were violent first. They attacked first. They also reported about physical assaults at Trump rally's but failed to report that the assaults were coming from Bernie and Hillary supporters. Classic example was the poor woman who was attacked with eggs and pushed up against a door trying to escape the assaults from BERNIE supporters. He calls them out on that type of thing. We love it, the press and the left hate it.  

When he does things like that we say "hell yes, it's about time someone said that". When he Tweets most of us feel the same way it's about time. I like the fact that he does not allow the press to control the narrative. That he takes his comments straight to the people.  

When he talks we feel as though he is talking to us, not preaching at us. We feel as though his way of speaking is how we would say it. We feel as though he believes in the American dream. That he wants us to all have a chance to have the success that he has had. His policies will help all Americans have the chance to have a good job, to have a decent or nice car, that we once again can have a hope for the future. These words are not racist, homophobic, xenophobic or anything else. All Americans are entitled. Entitled to a good job, a chance to live their dreams and a chance to get ahead. For many, many years we have felt that the government is more concerned about a global economy. A global view that says that America has to be just as concerned with the people of other countries as we are with ours.  

When he said "We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a 'globalized world.' But the relationships that people value in this country are local. There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag, From now on it is going to be: America First... Never anyone again will any other interests come before the interest of the American people. It is not going to happen again." I almost jumped out of my chair. Hell I almost jumped out of my skin. He gets it, he really gets it. That is what we have been wanting an American leader to say since Reagan left office. It is not about whether our country is "better" than any other country. It is not racist or xenophobic to say we pay taxes to our government to work for us, not the world. By the very words of the Constitution our government job is to look after interests of America first.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

That is what we want out of our leaders. America first, not the world first. Trump said that from the beginning and average people like it.  

His connection is that he understands what we have been saying for at least 20 years. We need to stop our jobs from leaving the country. We need to take Islamic Extremists like Al Qaeda, ISIS and others seriously and destroy them.  We need to address the crime rate in our inner cities. We need to take care of our vets. We need to deal with the illegal immigrants who have repeatedly been deported and keep coming back and end up killing American citizens. In other words, we need to put America first.  

This connection is why a large amount of what the media and the elites say about Trump is ignored. We know what we see. We know that the press has a bad tendency to distort stories about him. We know that the press will try to make a left leaning agenda the mainstream and a conservative agenda "extreme". That is even though middle America is a center/right. The press makes it clear every day that they are out of touch with the American people. Sadly probably more than the people in Hollywood.

Bring it all together.

You put all of this together and the middle class, the working class, the forgotten class said enough. We are the ones who pay the taxes. We are the ones who do the work. We are the ones who put in the blood sweat and tears to make it possible for the social programs to exist. For all the government spending. We realize that if you tax every rich person at 100% you would still not have enough money to operate the government. We will not be told to shut up, pay our taxes and to let the government tell us what to eat, what to think, what kind of car to drive or whatever the progressive and popular movement is at the time.  

We did exactly what Michael Moore said. We delivered the biggest F you in the history of the world.

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I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.


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Steve Garufi, the not too shabby Colorado guy

Way back when, meaning when I first became an internet user, I became online friends with a guy from Colorado who was quirky and fun to chat with. As those things go you never know how long you are going to remain friends with someone you meet online, but Steve Garufi and I have kept in contact for over 10 years now. That is great considering he is the only one I have kept in contact with from that time frame.  

But Steve has been more than an online friend to me. He has been an inspiration. From his bike across America trips to his "Not To Shabby" videos he has not only built an online following but has been able to do so by making a connection with the people who follow his antics.

One of my favorite things that Steve does is his "Not Too Shabby" videos. In them he finds the little things in life that one would notice every day and finds humor in them. One particularly funny one is when he finds some fries on the sidewalk, he found them "Not Too Shabby". You can see his videos bellow.  

He has made two bike rides across America in the past and as this is being written is beginning his third trip. This one is titled "Bike Ride For Empathy" as he feels that is one of the things lacking in our society today. 

2011 bike across USA trip:
2008 bike across USA trip:
Author page with book info:
Colorado Guy, my hikes and adventures:

Have Facebook?

Follow his 3rd trip across America

Under a triumphant skyIn December of 2014 Steve published his book "Under a Triumphant Sky" about his second trip across America. It is a very interesting read about his trip. You can purchase Under a Triumphant Sky at Amazon.  I was chatting with Steve about a while ago and asked him some questions for an article that I wrote before his book came out. I thought that I would reprise the interview for this article and you can read it bellow.

What makes Steve Garufi tick? What makes you you?:
Life. Travel. Hiking. Exploring. Going on adventures. Connecting with people. These are some of my passions.

You have a great love for Colorado, can you put that into words? Is it part of your dna to be the outdoors type?:

I'm definitely an outdoors type, but I'm not sure where that came from considering I grew up in the concrete jungle of suburban northern New Jersey. In 1994, I traveled across the country by car on a post-college road trip, and I fell deeply in love with the “four corners states” of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. I remember seeing all the scenery and I knew deep down that I had to come back. I made that dream a reality when I settled in Colorado Springs in 1997.


What is your favorite part of Colorado that you have visited?:

So many places come to mind. There are the rugged San Juan Mountains with the charming towns of Ouray, Telluride, Durango and Silverton. Glenwood Springs and Glenwood Canyon isn't a shabby region either. Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs has many pretty places too. However, if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say Buena Vista and much of Chaffee County. This is where I currently live and hope to never leave. After you've seen the stunning mountain views of the Sawatch Range, then you'll know why our area is a huge tourist destination. Our county's tourism slogan is “Now THIS is Colorado!” 🙂


You do a lot of Climbing and hiking, do you do any special workouts to be able to maintain that stamina?:

When I get serious about my gym workouts, I love doing burpees. If you don't know what they are, here's a video of me doing ten burpees at Cottonwood Pass (elevation 12126 feet):

What is the most memorable part of your bike rides across America? Favorite place you visited I mean.:

Arizona, New Mexico and southern California had many pretty areas with a good mix of desert, mountains and scenery.

You had to have met a lot of people in your travels across America. Who sticks out in your mind the most?
On my second trip, I met Tom Vossman, a guy from Texas who was also riding cross-country. For two days, he and I biked together in New Mexico. He and I keep in touch to this day.

Also, I visited many existing friends with some hosting me at their homes. Others drove long distances to see me pedaling on the road. It was always comforting to see someone who already knew me – a friendly face on the journey.


You pretty much live life on your own terms. That is clear in your websites. What advice would you have for someone who is feeling like their life is not theirs. How should they break the chains of feeling trapped in a career that they don't like or want?:

This is a difficult question. There are no easy answers. Personally speaking, I knew that I had to take the risk of going off on my own, for the restrictions of normal employment didn't work for me. I kept getting decent jobs in the mental health field and after about a year, I usually quit feeling exasperated and disillusioned. For me, it made sense to start my own counseling practice ( but it has not been easy. I no longer have a boss to delegate important matters to – I am the boss and have to figure it out on my own! Also, I've given up the security of a monthly paycheck, and usually I have one or two part-time jobs to help with income.

This may sound like a cliché, but I'd encourage a person in the situation you described to pray hard. Seek God's wisdom. Also, seek guidance from those who are trustworthy and know you well. Always be open to possibilities.

You are in the process of working on a book about your travels. How close are you to being done with it? Can you give my readers the Cliff notes on it.:
I've written a 110,000 word memoir about my 2008 bike across USA journey (the first trip). The title is “Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike Across America Story.” The story covers everything in detail. My bike was stolen in Phoenix – yes stolen! Twice I came close to quitting after mechanical failures in desert. The narrative shows how I faced my fears, overcome adversity and learned lessons about life. Of course, there are many stories about interesting people I met on the roadside, and some crazier stuff like loose chasing dogs in the South and encounters with tractor-trailers.

My book should be available as an eBook and print book by December. Stay tuned. It'll be sold on Amazon and my author website ( will have details on where else to buy the book.


You decided to make Christian Counseling your career field, how does that affect your life when travel the state and the nation?:

I keep my counseling and traveling separate. They don't affect each other. When I'm working with my clients, I'm fully there. When I'm out and about, I put all my energies into enjoying the moment.

As a christian counselor, how big a part does faith or spirituality play in your life?:

It plays a huge role. I do call myself a “born-again Christian” and I strive to live a life that's pleasing to God. Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, and I'm so grateful for all he's done for me. While it's easier said than done, God has got to have influence in every part of my life.

It is easy to see how someone like Steve can be an inspiration to people. He lives life to the full. He lives it under his own terms and he takes advantage of everything that is presented to him.

I doubt I could make a bike ride across town let alone three trips across America but he is in the process of his third one. But that is Steve. He also is counselor and an author. That is a pretty well rounded life.

Steve is also one of the one who was telling me that my story and my life with bipolar would be interesting. He said that he would be interested in reading it too. That type of support is actually priceless. Someone who feels that you are interesting enough that they would want to read about.

 The things that Steve does often makes me wonder what I am waiting on. Although I do live my life and do the things I want to do, namely going to local music concerts and festivals, spending time with my wonderful wife. Taking pictures and other such things I still think that I can do more to help and inspire people. To be a positive in peoples lives, especially people whom I have never met. 

So what about you? Do you have someone who has been an inspiration in your life? Do you have a friend you have met online who you are still friends with many years later? Have you actually met them in person?

About the author


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.


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political divide and the 84 lumber ad, CBS News photo
cbs news photo

The ever widening political climate in America today is the worse I can remember it being. I believe it is being fueled by Social media and the ability of people to search for and find like minded people that will confirm exactly what the person believes without providing a counter point. The sad thing is that this does not only apply to social media. It applies to the media in general. With news organizations like MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and others it is not hard to find vindication in whatever political view you have. No matter how extreme.

In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that I watch Fox news. As a social Libertarian and an economic conservative I find it hard to find a news channel that I feel is completely nonpartisan.

My thoughts behind this post are simple though. I did not have the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl this year so I did not get a chance to see the "highly controversial" ads that were part of the game. So when I was able to free up time to see them the first thought I had was what is the big deal? Really the two that were so controversial were simply heart warming ads talking about how our country is the "America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere" that Ronald Reagan talked about. How could anyone be apposed to that?

I then started researching the whole thing and it seems that some and I emphasize some Trump supporters feel that the ads were anti Trump and pro illegal immigration. I am sorry folks I just don't see it.


Historically, opposition to immigration in the United States has been racially and religiously motivated in the ugliest, nastiest way possible. Grover Norquist


Take the case of the 84 Lumber company ad. To me it shows a mother and daughter who are in search of a better life in America. They make the arduous trip across Mexico that ends up at the border of America. There is however a wall that prohibits the mother and daughter from reaching their dream. They soon see that there is a way past the wall in the form a door that opens and lets them in with the ending text over of "The will to succeed is always welcome here."

My perplexity about how this could be anti Trump comes from the fact that I am supporter of his. I remember his speech where he said “Trust me, we are going to build a wall, We’ll have doors in that wall but they’re going to come through illegally." So how could that ad be anti Trump? How could it be anti anything? View the full ad bellow.



Now on the other extremely controversial ad, the Budweiser ad. That one let me tell you is so offensive that I hesitate to bring it up in this post. I do hope you picked up on the sarcasm there.

This one is the story of a German immigrant who also has a troublesome journey  for a better life. The video takes place in the mid 1800's (about the same time my own ancestors came from Germany) and is the story of Adolphis Busch and his trip to St. Louis. Again I wonder what the controversy is in this ad that you can see bellow.

This ad again shows how people who want to come to America, be successful and work at it can achieve what they want. Nothing anti Trump here either. So where is the outrage coming from?

It is relatively easy to understand where it comes from. It comes from the exaggerated political climate that is going on today. There are a large number of people out there who want to stop Trump from achieving what people elected him to do. That then fuels the other side of the debate.

That side of the debate will look at anything that is put out as a possible way being in opposition to the President. Even if these beliefs are unjustified they sill want to make sure that their voices are heard. They will not be pushed around or silenced any more. Thus the outrage.

Although I don't share in the outrage that caused people to speak out about these ads I do share in the fear that people are trying to silence anyone who supports Trump. This election was not about anything other than the middle class being told to shut up, pay your taxes and don't make any noise. You are all "deplorable". But to be outraged by these ads is nothing more than that in reverse. The people who are protesting these ads are trying to silence someone who they believe are on the opposite side.

I also am completely at a loss about the Budweiser ad. This ad depicts a person who is coming into the country by completely legal means. Someone who worked hard to achieve a dream, to grow a company and to help others through building a business. Being a person who loves this country and everything it stands for I find it hard to understand how someone could be "offended" by this ad. I love the diversity of America. I love learning about other cultures. Not from reading books or watching videos but from the people themselves. I like to hear them tell me about their countries about life there and all of it. So I do get upset about those who completely want to stop any immigration into this country.

I do however have a theory about this though. I don't think that this "outrage" is legit. I don't think there is outrage at all. I have many several conservative friends on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Not one of them, I mean not one has expressed any form of outrage over either one of these ads. I even have a couple who I consider to be extremely conservative and nothing from them either. So who is outraged?

I can't answer that. But what I do believe is that people have to use their heads in political debates. I don't think that the first person who started the hashtag even watched the video. I just think that they heard about a Budweiser ad about immigration and decided to "do something about it".

In my post Trying To Stay Positive In Today’s World Climate  I talk about how hard it is for a person who is Bipolar to keep a positive outlook in this climate. It shows how the two extremes can affect a person who has a problem with extremes and things like this exacerbate those problems. But I have decided to try to find the positive side in things, to point out the positive in these things. The positive in this argument is that there is not argument. This is just a few people on the extreme of a political view being falsely outraged over nothing.

The thing I ask of you is to not tolerate the extremes on any cause. The extremes from the left who want to take to the the streets and protest anything that is being done. And the extremes on the right who just simply do not use common sense to justify their outrage over nothing.

About the author


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.


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dealing with depression in today's climateIt is often sometimes very difficult for a person with depression of bipolar to maintain a positive attitude in day to day life. Today's political climate makes that task even harder to accomplish.

I am a person who has always been involved in politics, I love debating and discussing the policies that control our country today. I enjoy hearing what other people think and having them putting their beliefs forward. To me it is a fundamental right that guaranteed under the constitution. That is the problem though.

When you watch news shows that debate the issues, when you talk to someone on social media nobody wants to actually talk about the policies. They want to name call, stretch the facts and turn things around to support their own views. They will unfriend or block someone on social media who does not agree with them. I even had a friend from college who got a new job and was what I would call "in over her head" and needed help. She would text me and ask how to do this or that. Then she did not like something I stated as a political view and unfriended me. I even had someone tell me that they did not care about debating the policies, they wanted to talk about the person. That they did not care about the policies. I am not the type of person who thinks that  being unfriended or blocked on social media is a life ending event where I get mad and spend time crying over it. But the college friend kind of bothered me because we always talked after class and online but then because I have a different political view I am no longer someone that she wants to associate with.

"We may disagree on some things, but we can do so without being disagreeable." --Christine Gregoire

So how does a person who deals with bipolar depression and  enjoys doing something that is so  negative? Unfortunately the short answer is not do it.

I have to do it, or not do it depending on how you look at it. I find myself being down all the time. I find myself getting angry over little things. I am tired all the time. Those are classic signs of depression. I know it is caused by today's climate because when I submerge myself in things that take my mind off politics I start to feel better. My body does not hurt anymore. So yes, it is the political climate that adding to my problems with depression.

So what am I doing to help myself with this problem? Just what I said above, by not doing it anymore. I find myself listening to music more in the car. I find myself looking for movies and television shows to have on as white noise when I am working on things online. I will spend more time playing on our miniature pool table. Just anything to stop listening to the constant arguing that takes place on television.

There is more of a positive side to this than what I first thought. My love of local music has caused me to take the time to look for more local entertainers to listen to. Doing that improves my good feelings in many ways.

I have been of the belief that today's quality entertainment is in the indie area. I have long been disillusioned with big national entertainers. The recent round of award shows have fortified those feelings. Not only are they less talented than their predecessors but feel that their beliefs should be shoved down the throats of anyone listening to them. So now I have found that local music is a relief to the senses. The music is great, often times better than the national acts. It makes me feel good.

Another feel good activity that I do is to play miniature pool with my wife. Yes I know, but it is fun. We downsized our living arrangements a few years ago after our daughter moved out of the house. The spare room we have is a small second bedroom that we use as an office, a craft room and a game room. The only game table that would fit in the room even without other things in it is a small four foot pool table. But it is fun to play. No we are not going to make shots like Minnesota Fats, but who cares. We are not professional pool players. We are a family who enjoys spending time together.

I have however found a great way of getting my "political fix" and still being able to laugh and feel good. It is a show on Fox News at 3 A.M. called Red Eye. It is an irreverent look at the news today. One could say they find a way laughing at what is going on today. Serious political people probably wouldn't like it but that is okay. It is not meant to be serious.

As another way of keeping myself positive I make a deliberate attempt to find positive uplifting memes and quotes to post. I Tweet those kinds of things a lot. I don't just find things that are positive and put the out there, they have to mean something to me. They have to be what I feel.

And that brings me to the last way. This blog. If I can find a way of showing that depression and bipolar are not the devastating things that some people feel, but are a challenge to someone to try to conquer. You as a person with a challenge like this or any other issue like anxiety, panic disorder or social anxiety disorder can find a way inside you to fight it and move on in a way that will cause you to say "I beat you". You will not define me.

This is what is helping me maintain a somewhat sane mind in these trying times. I just remove as much as I can the negative posts, comments and news. It is what my generation called dropping out. For my own sanity I have to do it.

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I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.


What about you? How is the political climate in the world today effecting you in your day to day life? Do you have a condition that is getting aggravated by this climate?

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