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The 2017 season is just around the corner and your team is getting ready not only take your division, but also your league and the National title.

I am sure most of you have someone who takes care of your website, a friend, coach or other person. The problem is for you to get the message out about your team you need more than just "someone who does that" when it comes to your online presence. You need someone who knows and understands what makes a website interesting and useful.

The website is easy to navigate around with answering all of the questions that someone may have. THANK YOU!

Drew Green, Columbus Fire Football.

In my article The Webmaster's Job in 2016 and Beyond I discussed the differences between a certified webmaster and a web designer. In short a designer will make you a nice pretty site, but that is all you get. What about follow up? What about making sure your site is doing well in the search engines? What about updates?

All of that has to be taken into consideration. A certified webmaster can do all that and more for you.

What I do for you.

"We knew in the short time we met he was the person we wanted to work with. His work has been great and flawless. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Everything I've asked has been done in a fast and timely manor and he has shown professionalism every step of the way."-

Joey Markwell, Owner Lancaster Sabers.

Columbus Fire FootballBeing a certified webmaster with 10 years experience I am qualified to code an extremely nice html website for you. But is that what you want? Is that what you need? Coding a website is expensive and time consuming taking approximately 4 to 6 hour to achieve. At $75 an hour is that what you really need? The use of template sites such as WordPress do all that work for me so I can then concentrate on giving you what you need. A website that is easy to navigate, easy to use by your visitors and one that ranks higher in the search engines.

Why would I do it that way? To save you money on design and give you a site that you will be proud of in a more timely manor.

I have 3 different packages for you to choose from. First is a simple informational website that will have no updates. Just information about your team and some images, to a site very similar to the Columbus Fire site with all the bells and whistles. Check my pricing below to find out what is best for you.

I also do online marketing help. Contact me so that we can discuss what I can help you with in that area.

Dime Package

Simple static word press site

No updates

Up to 15 images

Domain name if needed


Quarterback Sneak

WordPress site

4 Updates a month (1 a week)

Unlimited images

Domain name if needed

Required widgets for a smooth easy to navigate site

$200 Year


Great WordPress site

Weekly updates,

Unlimited images

Domain name if needed

Required widgets for a smooth easy to navigate site (including, scheduling widget, maps and others) Similar to the Fire site.

Other work (graphic design) in a limited quantity.

$300 Year

Making Semi pro websites great!!

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