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Hocking County Ohio resident Cher Mitchell has found a passion is in stained glass and spends many hours working to make some really beautiful things with her talent. I recently contacted Cher and asked her about her work. She told me that she wanted a way to express herself and the things that she believes in, and in October of 2012 took up the ancient art.

Motivation for creativity is all around.

Cher Mitchel Stained Glass heartHer creativity usually comes from the things around her, the Bible, her family, nature, pets and her friends. She says that ideas from people wanting to see things that aren't made by machine but have the feeling of uniqueness and love are her best art projects.
I asked Cher to tell me about why she started doing stained glass art and she said “I was looking for something to fill the empty time I had and be able to express myself. To fulfill a need to the community with a message through art. I like the idea of making something and it having a different meaning to fit each person in a different way. Some weeks I spend 30 to 40 hours in my shop working with projects or creating new ones.” She said that when “Looking back at my first pieces I cringe and remember all cuts and scrapes I endured during that production.” Her favorite pieces to make are snowmen as she loves them.

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.--Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

A few months ago she wasn't able to use flux or solder due to nose bleeds so she started making stained glass ribbon and sticker art. Since then she has resumed her glass work with solder and have made some beautiful mobiles for friends and family,this is my latest I have for sell.

The history of stained glass.

The ancient Egyptian art of stained glass is one that many people still enjoy today. In its beginning stained glass was believed to have been used as jewelry or even currency. The earliest know man made stained glass was in the form of beads during time of 2750 to 2625 BC. The best known form of stained glass in used in windows predominantly in churches and these windows are actually paintings done in glass. Today the art of stained glass has mostly returned to its roots of jewelry and decoration. Glass making was the first industry to be set up in America in Jamestown around 1607.

A passion for Crochet also.

When Cher was 6 years old her grandmother took the time to teach her about the art of crochet. She said of her crochet work I picked it up and laid it down so many times over the years. Each time I would take interest I would learn something new. Then about 2 years ago I just continued making more and more projects and I love it." Her favorite crotchet item she has made so far is something she calls her version coat of many colors. She tole me about her passion of crochet, "My crochet was a passion I was following to help people. I thought I would make small blankets for the homeless. It takes 7days wording 6 hours a day for me to make a 51x41 using a double crochet stitch throughout the blanket. I started selling items to cover cost and I just enjoy making things in the winter when my stained glass shop is unavailable to work in."

Old Time Crafts

She owns her own business called Old Time Crafts and it has an Etsy account and her Pinterest page. She also works with crochet and sells her wonderful handmade items at the Rockbridge Flea Market. If you would like to contact Cher about making something special for you contact her at her Facebook page Old Time Crafts.

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