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Most people find solace in music and I am no different. My love for music is more centered around local and indie music. I find the performers to be genuine and just perform for the love of the music not the celebrity.

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Is The Era Of Great Music Over?.

In a March 26, 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal titled Twilight of the Rock Gods by Neil Shah talks about how concert venues are still being dominated by the groups from the 70's and 80's. His statements that the great rock acts have consistently filled stadiums well into their 70's and older is an example of their talent and popularity. He also states that acts like Justin Bieber  can not step up to take the place of the rock gods. He also gives examples of ticket prices for concerts and how much acts make from these concert tours Read More--->


Julia Neville Dancing With Music.


Julia Neville Dancing with Music

I am constantly telling people about the wealth of artistic and music talent that we have in Southeastern Ohio. Yet another of Southeastern Ohio's local talents has come to my attention and I just had to tell you about this wonderful lady.
Julia Neville is another one of the great local talents now reaching for the stars. She is also a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, a mother, a wife and a very talented singer. Originally from Bucyrus Ohio she moved to Columbus where she helped her mother drive her step dad back and forth to hospital in Columbus to Bucyrus.  Read More--->


My Love For Local Indie Music

Virgin Records was started by Richard Branson and group of friends in the bottom of a church in England. He has built it into an empire that spans travel, music, telecommunications and much, much more. His daughter Holly Branson is heading up a campaign that asks "Is technology hurting music"?. I think to answer the question properly you have to also ask the question What are they talking about, Indie music or Big Name Music"? Read More--->

Some of my Favorite local and indie music.

Mitch Kirpatrick and his song BYOP.

McGuffey Lane, Long Time Loving You.

7th Cycle, Watch you burn.