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Kitchen Table Conversations is my blog about my life and interests. I write like I talk. If you are a grammar Nazi or other such perfectionist then this probably is not the blog for you. If you are looking for information that may help you to understand your life with Bipolar 2 or how an everyday person feels about things from politics to life and inspiration without the veiled insults to your intelligence then you have found a home on the web.

March 17, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

My Bipolar Past Affects A Hope For The Future.

Author  I learned that I was bipolar 2 about 15 years ago and ever since then I have looked  back at my past to see how it has affected my life. I don’t dwell on it but I do look back at parts of my life and say “did it cause that? My reason for

March 2, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

A Working Class Persons View Of President Trump.

What I am going to try to do is to explain in lay terms why President Trump was elected by and is supported by the working class of America. I will be talking about my own views and things that people have told me about how they feel. You know water cooler talk. It seems

February 13, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Steve Garufi; Under a Triumphant Sky Author Making Making A 3rd Bike Trip Across America.

Way back when, meaning when I first became an internet user, I became online friends with a guy from Colorado who was quirky and fun to chat with. As those things go you never know how long you are going to remain friends with someone you meet online, but Steve Garufi and I have kept

February 8, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

The immigration debate, or how political outrage goes to far.

The ever widening political climate in America today is the worse I can remember it being. I believe it is being fueled by Social media and the ability of people to search for and find like minded people that will confirm exactly what the person believes without providing a counter point. The sad thing is

February 2, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Trying to Stay Positive in Today’s World Climate.

It is often sometimes very difficult for a person with depression of bipolar to maintain a positive attitude in day to day life. Today’s political climate makes that task even harder to accomplish. I am a person who has always been involved in politics, I love debating and discussing the policies that control our country

January 25, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

The Story of A Middle-aged Bipolar Man and How I Survived.

Or, how a messed up life can be cool and interesting. A website that includes a blog such as this is many times very malleable, it takes on many lives from inception to its conclusion. This one started as a website to show my talents as webmaster, to get customers. I have changed it many times,

January 6, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Julia Neville, Dancing With Music.

Julia Neville Dancing with Music. Bradley Finnearty May 13, 2015 I want to sing music that’s inspiring and encourages people to keep going in life! –Julia Neville I am constantly telling people about the wealth of artistic and music talent that we have in Southeastern Ohio. Yet another of Southeastern Ohio’s local talents has come

December 21, 2016
Bradley Finnearty

Favorite Images of 2016

Favorite Images of 2016 Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.– Ansel Adams I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine some of the things I enjoy doing the most into one little corner of the world. That being photography, promoting things, designing nice things and enjoying great music.

November 18, 2016
Bradley Finnearty

One of my Proudest Endeavors

One of My Most Proud Endeavors When you ask most people what their best or favorite accomplishment is the vast majority will say their kids. But that is the p.c. easy way out of a question that tells people a lot about the person being asked. Of course you are proud of your kids and

November 9, 2016
Bradley Finnearty

What I learned From The 2016 Election.

What I learned From The 2016 Election. To start an article of this nature out I have to be 100% honest with the readers. I am a small government type of person. I do not want the government in the bedroom, my wallet, my job or any other part of my life. Or should I