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Kitchen Table Conversations is my blog about my life and interests. I write like I talk. If you are a grammar Nazi or other such perfectionist then this probably is not the blog for you. If you are looking for information that may help you to understand your life with Bipolar 2 or how an everyday person feels about things from politics to life and inspiration without the veiled insults to your intelligence then you have found a home on the web.

January 13, 2018
Bradley Finnearty

B-Rad Saloon. Volume 1 January 5, 2018

Volume 1, Starting the new year. Welcome The Jukebox As the Baby boomers get older some of the great talent they grew up have gone to Rock and Roll heaven. Here is my tribute to the talent that we lost last year. Let’s Talk A serious bar side chat about staying positive and dealing with

November 11, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Chasing Your Passion is more than hard work, it is Dedication

Chasing Your Passion is more than hard work, it is Dedication Dedication to a passion is about the love and desire inside you. Author  The phrase “follow your passion” has become kind of cliche over the past couple of years. It seems to be taken out of context a lot. To chase your passion does

October 9, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Tonya Kelly, On The Move While Taking on Life And Destroying Adversity.

Overcoming cancer to to achieve your dreams Author  Adversity is defined as an adverse or unfortunate event or circumstance. That does not quite come close to the kind of adversity that some have to deal with. When you have to deal with fighting cancer twice that would definitely be what one would call adversity. Tonya (SportzKelz) Kelly

September 28, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

How Hugh Heffner, Free Speech and Thought Crimes are all linked.

Author  In a time when free speech is under attack by groups like ANTIFA and others who demand politically correct speech and actions the world lost a true beacon of light. Hugh Heffner died of natural causes with his family surrounding him on Wednesday September 27. A sad day those who love free speech everywhere.

September 23, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

The Power of Positive Thinking Helps Me Win Against Bipolar 2

Author  A lot of people feel that they could do more with their lives, do more to be happy. They feel like they are stuck in a dead end job that does not use their talents or skills to the full. I know I fall into that category for sure. Oh, when it comes to

August 19, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

The Pain of Charlottesville Hurts Us All.

How do we stop the insanity? Author  With all of the events happening in America today I have found it imperative to avoid the news as much as possible. I am not the type to hide my head in the sand, I have to know what is going on in the world. But that is

August 11, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Chasing Your Passion, More Than Just A Dream.

Author  Finding your passion, reaching for your dreams and being what you want are all common motivational phrases that are currently being used. They are even becoming a punchline in  some circles. I am sure you have heard some of them “follow your passions and end up starving” that type of thing. Finding your passion

July 28, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

When does “not giving up” become beating your head against the wall?

Author  One of the great things about being the youngest child of a single mother in the 70’s was that I was very spoiled. Yes I admit it. By the time all my siblings had grown up and moved out mom had enough money and shall I say little resistance to the my wants. I

June 10, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

How I Find Inspiration

Author  Finding inspiration is as unique to a person as their own personalities. I don’t see how someone can say to get inspiration from this or from that so everyone can or should. I get it from many different places. In my article How My Bipolar Past Affects My Hope For A Future I chronicle

May 6, 2017
Bradley Finnearty

Is The Era Of Great Music Over?

Twilight of the Rock Gods? What is a music lover going to do? Author  In a March 26, 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal titled Twilight of the Rock Gods by Neil Shah talks about how concert venues are still being dominated by the groups from the 70’s and 80’s. His statements that the great rock acts have