Is The Era Of Great Music Over?

Twilight of the Rock Gods? What is a music lover going to do?



In a March 26, 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal titled Twilight of the Rock Gods by Neil Shah talks about how concert venues are still being dominated by the groups from the 70's and 80's. His statements that the great rock acts have consistently filled stadiums well into their 70's and older is an example of their talent and popularity. He also states that acts like Justin Bieber  can not step up to take the place of the rock gods. He also gives examples of ticket prices for concerts and how much acts make from these concert tours. He also states that music festivals are now a popular way of music fans to see their favorite artists and not pay a huge amount for overpriced tickets. If you have a Wall Street Journal subscription you can read the article here.


I am not going to dispute anything that Mr. Shah said in his article. If you take into consideration the numbers he uses you will understand why this is happening. 

He states that The Top Concert Tours of 2016
Eighty-eight of last year’s top 100-grossing tours were music acts. Of those, 45 were led by musicians over 50. Compare 2016's top performers by ticket price, number of shows played and more.

Concert sales 2016

It is clear to see that if you want to see some of your favorite music acts you have to be able to pay a large amount of money for tickets. With an average ticket price of $111 for a Springsteen ticket, $114 on average for Beyonce or even $92 for Bieber one has to admit that the national acts are pricing themselves out of the mainstream market. The average person really has to save to take themselves and one other person to a concert. That does not count any memorabilia or refreshments they want. A nice night at a concert can easily cost upwards of $500.

What are they paying for?

I have to ask what those people paying for? Are they paying to see the act? Are they paying to have a nice night of music with their friends or loved one? Are they wanting to see a legend perform? To each of the people attending these concerts I am sure they have their own reason. But to me it is different. Let me say to be honest I am a huge fan of some of these acts. I absolutely love the talent and music of Sir Paul McCartney, but I would never pay $127 for a ticket to see him perform. But that is an average. If you check the prices you would pay upwards of $200 for good seats. That is if you can get one. I sure would not pay to see Bieber or Adele for any reason. 

There is an alternative

Support Local MusicThis is something that I have talked about many times before. If you just want to have a great night out with a loved one or friend why not look into a local music festival? Yes I said it. I think there is a stigma about "local music" that is unjust. I know that in Southeastern Ohio there is a huge amount of great music talent that is just as good as the "national acts".

Not only that but there are local music festivals that take place throughout the summer months. In this area alone there is the Lancaster Festival which not only includes music from national acts such as the Beach Boys who will appear this year but there is the Art Walk. On the first Friday of the two week event their is music on many different stages. These stages have great local talent. Last year a wonderfully talented lady Erica Blinn performed. I had the honor of talking to her after her show and she was a delightful person. There was a group called These Guys Live a cover band who do a fantastic job at playing the great songs of the past. Then on the last Friday of the festival there was "Homegrown night". A night of nothing but local talent performing that included a great young blues talent Micah Kesselring.

As you can see by the above video this young man is so much more talented than Bieber and he is just two years younger. Why is he not in the spotlight? You tell me.

There is also the Spring Parking Lot Jam that showcases local talent that is put on by Nick Collura owner of the Insea Sound Shop. There is the Washboard Music Festival and not to mention the Nelsonville Music Festival both feature indie music.

The great thing about most of these indie music festivals is that two of them are free, one of them is very inexpensive at $10 and the other is fairly priced at different levels. A great night or weekend of music for free or very little money. The other great thing is that they are all family oriented and you do not really have to worry about being insulted by performers who want spew their political beliefs. That right there is a plus in todays world.

My list of some Southeastern Ohio Events

Local talent is great

I started doing  blogging and web design to promote local things. My work with the Logan-Hocking Activity Center started me on my way of learning and enjoying local music. Being the Marketing Director I had the privilege to work with local groups like 7th Cycle and others. It taught me to not only appreciate the music but the people who perform. They do it out of the love of music and sharing their love for something. They do not do it to get rich.

I have had to honor of talking to some of the nicest people in the area. People like Julia Neville who did an interview with me about her love for music. She is wonderful lady who just enjoys being herself and sharing her music with the world. I have also met people like Mitch Kirkpatrick who I was fortunate enough to interview for his new video BYOP.

The video was shot entirely on location in Logan, Ohio and shows the atmosphere of a local music festival. The enjoyment that people have while listening to great local music is one that, in my eyes anyway, can not be matched in a venue that is holding a national act. Yes you can call me a simple man. But hey, is there something wrong with that?

Not only are you going to have a great night of great music entertainment but you are going to support your local community. Your supporting people who live down the street, across town or in a nearby town. Wouldn't you rather do that?

So Is the Era of Great Music over? No. You just have to open your ears and hear the music locally. I believe you will not regret going to a local music festival.

About the author

Bradley Finnearty


I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.

What about you? Do you spend large amounts of money to go to see national acts? Do you attend local music events when you get the chance? Do you know any local musicians who could use your support?

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Music with quotes around it is the only way to describe some of it.

  1. I grew up in the 80s and I totally agree with you about those eras (702 and 80s) still dominating the music world. I love going to music festivals.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you love music festivals. You would love to live in #SoutheasternOhio for that reason. They are all over the place around here.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree. That is why I like local music. It is definitely original.

  2. I don’t think the era is really over, I know a lot of people still love old music like 80’s.

    1. It will not be over until the old artists are all gone. But there are no acts to replace them for sure.

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