Chasing Your Passion is more than hard work, it is Dedication

Chasing Your Passion is more than hard work, it is Dedication

Dedication to a passion is about the love and desire inside you.

The phrase "follow your passion" has become kind of cliche over the past couple of years. It seems to be taken out of context a lot. To chase your passion does not mean giving up on taking care of life and business. In fact in order to chase you passion it often necessary to keep up with your "other life" just to be able to fund the drive. 

But it makes that chase harder when your passion is in one of the most competitive and expensive fields around. A person who's passion is music not only has to be talented but they have to work hard too. They have to purchase all the expensive instruments, the sound equipment and then after all of that is done comes the rehearsals. The money and time that comes with chasing that passion is phi nominal. 

What comes next is not fame and glory. It is more hard work. Possibly more hard work than all the other work. You have to get your name out, whether it is a band or just yourself. You have to make connections with those who have a venue. You have to market yourself in a field where there are so many others who are trying for the same spot. There are flyers to make. Phone calls to make. Scheduling problems to consider. Then there is the one thing that just adds to the problem. How do you get your equipment and band members to the venue on time and not forget something that you need?

So as an entertainer you have been able to pull of the above things together and are following your passion. What happens next? What if you want to do a quality video? What about a great cd? If you are and indie entertainer (unsigned) you have to be able to purchase studio time. You have be able to afford the production company to shoot and edit the video. Then once the video or cd is produced how do you sell it? How do you get it seen? That creates a whole different set of problems.

The best way to accomplish all of that is with sponsors and connections with people who can help you. You have to develop connections through networking and hard work. That same phrase that keeps coming up throughout life.

Now you have all of this together. You worked hard, developed yourself, grew your talents and are recognized as talented in your field. How do you take it to the next level?

Local musician Mitch Kirkpatrick came up with a great idea. To hold a day long concert with several local entertainers. Throw in Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots competition and you have a great time in lined up. He also decided to make it a video shoot for his new single.

I spent some time online messaging  him about the event when he was working on it and he told me all about the beginnings of the concept and how it all developed.

Mitch said 'The video got started when I wanted a promo video recorded and made from my release show at Muddie Waters in Logan, Ohio. My wife suggested one of her co-workers, John Silfies, whom has done work for a few business in the Columbus area. John recorded the promo video for the song BYOP from the CD/EP release party April 16, 2016." He then sent it to Kim Stephens an Executive Consultant for the major record labels and he loved it. He then suggested that Mitch needed to get an official BYOP video.

The Official BYOP music video

Being the creative person he is Mitch then had a million ideas about what to do. Mitch said "The main idea and image I had was a huge party, with quads and trucks in the mud, drinking beer out of coolers and folks just enjoying spending time around a fire." In other words people doing what people do in Southeastern Ohio. You know, a good ole "redneck" party.

mitch kirkpatrickRay offered assistance in finding some land. He looked into a few places, throwing some ideas. Nothing really working out, that's when Josh Mowery joined in from there they (Josh, Isaiah, Ray and Mitch) all hook up and head over to Kaeppner's Woods. Loved it, it was the perfect location for the event and to shoot the video. We went straight to William Kaeppner to tell him we wanted it.About a month later a date and location had been set for the event. Mitch learned a valuable lesson about getting business obligations in writing. He said, "The day the print shop called to tell me my tickets are printed and ready, the landowner calls and retracts the verbal agreement we had on using their land for the event." This understandingly made him mad.   Mitch then contacted Isaiah, (one of his guitar players). Isaiah lets Ray St. Clair know what's going on. He told Mitch he'd help out as much as he could, and boy did he. (Mitch met Ray through Isaiah, just a few weeks before when he approached Ray at his business "HOCKNG HILLS MOONSHINE" for a sponsorship).

From that point on, Ray, Josh and Mitch's wife Crystal went full go, working on the event. It ended up being a lot more work than could have ever been imagined, from going over rules and regulations, Insurance, inspections, staffing the grounds, getting entertainment, to figuring out how many Porto johns we needed.

Mitch said "I don't even want to know everything that's going on. I know I have the best people behind me I could possibly ask for. They are not only making this event possible, but Ray and Josh have gotten local businesses to sponsor not only myself, but the event with the porto johns and water truck through Trace's A-1 Sanitation Inc, a Roll-off dumpster from Farmers Refuse & Trucking Inc, mowing from K.G. Helber Construction LLC, a cash donation from Tri County Pest Control along with the leg work and actual physical work we've all put into the land itself to cut our cost down and help the landowner out. On top of the people running this show, I have a ton of volunteers helping. It's all pretty amazing and goes to show how a small town, good friends with connections really come together."

All of the work by Crystal and others has helped to keep Mitch, Isaiah and the rest of the band out of the stress of planning as much as she can so our only focus is on the band/music aspect of it and pushing these tickets. All of this is important to Mitch and the band as not only is this event taking place during a video shoot, but Kim Stephens, whom is now my Manager, is making his second trip from Nashville to see the band perform.

 All things have to come together but you have to have the internal strength to put up with the hard work and the failures that come with the chase. There are other factors that come into play. Some people use their faith and religion to help them with it. Others count on the support of their family and friends to help with it..

Julia Neville
Julia Neville

I recently talked to Julia Neville and asked her how she found the strength to continue to fight for her dreams. She said " I wouldn't be able to do it without the people I have close to me as well as my fans/family. I home school our 3 youngest children so that helps with traveling. My mother and step-father help me with our children while we travel. My husband has an amazing job that supports us in our journey! He is such an amazing hard working man that he can work remote at times. He is dedicated and gets his work done as well as pushes me to keep following my dream. He is so amazing and so supportive. He actually pushes me when I get discouraged. That for me is the most amazing thing! I pray a lot about it! Sometimes I feel selfish due to having a family but now that they are all singing as well it's more something we use to bond our family than just my dream! My fans/family (NevilleBillieNation) really encourages me by watching, commenting and sharing our videos! It really means a lot that people follow us and want us to sing at their special events! So neat!

In a recent interview with Tonya Kelly aka SportzKelz she told me what it took for her battle two different forms of cancer, raise a family and still find the time to chase her passion. "As a spiritual person I always believe GOD brings things to you when you are ready to handle them. Talking sports was my passionate but to run my own sports show I know 5 -10 years ago I would have not been able to handle the responsibility and challenges seen and unseen that come along being in this business."

You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.---Morgan Wootten

The thing that is clear about taking the steps to "chase your passion" is that the ones who are doing it are not giving up their responsibilities in life to do it. Take it from someone who has done it that just does not work. I made that mistake several years ago. It was right at the beginning of the great recession which made it hard to get my dream of a media company off the ground. In fact it made it impossible. I was then unemployed for about 5 years after that. I have to say it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made.   But that did not make me give up on it. I had to regroup and try it again. That I am doing now.
So your dream may get interrupted, it may get delayed but it will always be there. You can always try again and again. But do not give up.

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