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2016 Lancaster festival art walk

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”--Henry Moore

What started out as an extremely hot and humid day with a heat advisory turned rainy with thunderstorms around noon. That caused the 12 o'clock concert by Arnett Howard to be cancelled. That could have been the end of the Art Walk for this year, but remember, this is Ohio. Wait 15 minutes things will change.

That turned out to be the case. After the rain stopped, the humidity dropped and it turned into the perfect evening for the 2016 Art Walk. The headlining act of Erica Blinn took the stage and delivered a fantastic show.

The crowd grew, the flash mob dance that dedicated to the disco era was a large amount of fun to watch. These Five Guys played to an enthusiastic crowd and things just got better from there.

These images show that the folks who attended had a great time and were not disappointed for sure.


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I am a certified webmaster who has lived most of my life in Southeastern Ohio. I enjoy local indie musicians, entertainers and artisans and finding out about why they do what they do. I have lived a life filled with problems of having bipolar disorder. My blog is a diverse hodgepodge of things that interest me and my life with Bipolar1 disorder. I write as I talk and hope you feel like I am having a conversation with you about these topics and not like I am telling you what or how to feel. If you enjoy my blog please leave me a message I enjoy hearing from people who read my words. 

Do you attend local music festivals? Do you attend the Lancaster Festival when it is happening?

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Favorite Images of 2016

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.-- Ansel Adams


I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine some of the things I enjoy doing the most into one little corner of the world. That being photography, promoting things, designing nice things and enjoying great music. Especially the music produced by the great indie entertainers in Southeastern Ohio.

The internet has been instrumental in not only helping me do the things I like to do, but it helps others too.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the year 2016. Photography as in any other art form is completely subjective. Some may love an image, some may hate it. It is up to you to decide if you like these or not.

Best of 2016

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