B-Rad Saloon. Volume 1 January 5, 2018

Volume 1, Starting the new year.

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The Jukebox

As the Baby boomers get older some of the great talent they grew up have gone to Rock and Roll heaven. Here is my tribute to the talent that we lost last year.

Let's Talk

A serious bar side chat about staying positive and dealing with depression in today's world.

See how I find inspiration in order to keep going

How to stay positive in these negative times.

On Stage

The internet has helped many local and indie artists get their music out to their fans. Video's and conversation about how some local artists have used the net to their advantage.

About Bradley Finnearty

I am a certified webmaster who has lived a life dealing with bipolar depression. My goal is to not only help others dealing with bipolar and depression but to help those around them to understand what is going with their loved ones. I write about how I deal with it and hope that it inspires you to understand that you don't have to let it control you. You control it. I write the way I talk. I want you to feel like I am talking with you in a conversation, not preaching at you in a way that makes you feel like you have to do what I tell you. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about not only bipolar but all things that I write about.

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