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"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."

- Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker.


I learned early on in life that what motivates me is promoting brands that I truly care about. Whether that brand is a local band, local venue, local business or sports team. If I believe in their mission and what they are attempting to achieve I can get behind them.


I enjoy photography, web design and marketing. I believe in looking at the positive side of life and letting go of the past whether it is yours or someone else's. Having dealt with Bi-polar disorder my entire life I understand how important it is to enjoy the great things about life

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The Webmaster's Job in 2016 and Beyond.


The job and responsibilities of the webmaster is an ever changing world for sure. We spend countless hours learning and honing a craft that in a year or so will change. When I first started doing this it was about the design itself. Sure content was as important as it is today. The business of SEO (search engine optimization) is probably more important today then it ever has been. The emphasis now is not only on captivating content but also how easy the site is to navigate, how it views on their many devices (responsive) and how easy it can be found on the search engines. Read more--->>>

Cool And Interesting Things

This young lady  has the style of the 70's down pat For more images from the 2016 Lancaster Festival Art Walk visit Southeastern Ohio Magazine

Batgirl at the Earth Angel Cruise in.


The Earth Angel Cruise helps terminally and seriously ill kids get to live a dream. It is held every year in June..


The year while I walking around looking at the cars I ran into Bat Girl and the Bat Mobile.Of course I had to capture the moment for posterity. You can see more pictures from the day atSoutheastern Ohio Magazine.


I had the honor of meeting one of the great young talents out today. Erica Blinn is a wonderful lady and extremely talented.


Her brand of music is a cross between rock, country and blues..


To find out more about her and her music visit Erica Blinn's website.



While walking around during the Lancaster Festival I noticed several fathers with their kids enjoying the events.


This dad and daughter caught my eye as this was the actual looks on their faces as they enjoyed the music. I had to take a picture. What a great smile on the little lady.

You can find more cool and interesting things on the Things page

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