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In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.-- Donald Trump



One of the highlights in my life was being the web designer and marketing director for The Logan-Hocking Activity Center.

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See what my customers have to say about the websites that I have designed for them. They love my work and you will too.

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See some of the designs I have created for clothing, mugs and prints. LHS grads will be interested in some of these nice things

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One of my Proudest Endeavors

lhaccoverWhen you ask most people what their best or favorite accomplishment is the vast majority will say their kids. But that is the p.c. easy way out of a question that tells people a lot about the person being asked. Of course you are proud of your kids and family. Read More----->>

What I learned From The 2016 Election.

What I learned from the 2016 ElectionThe most blatant example of this was when on the same day information came out about both candidates. One was the revelation of the video involving Donald Trump and Billy Bush, Read more--->>

The Webmaster's Job in 2016 and Beyond.

bradpoleprofile1The job and responsibilities of the webmaster is an ever changing world for sure. We spend countless hours learning and honing a craft that in a year or so will change. When I first started doing this it was about the design itself. Sure content was as important as it is today. Read More--->>

Cool Things

Found Santa at Work


When I arrived at work one night my supervisor was wearing a santa outfit. I was like santa I have to have a picture. Never got one when I was a kid but I feel better now.

The Snakeman

Devin "the snakeman michaels"

While being involved in photographing and helping to market indie wrestling in Southeastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia Bobbi and I had the opportunity to meet Devin "The Snake Man" Michaels. Yes, it is a real snake.

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In the store you will find this great print with the memorial marker to Bill Sauer and the fight song around the outside.

This beautiful print is only $9.95

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