Southeastern Ohio's Most Interesting Webmaster.

Wow!!!!!! You did an awesome terrific fantastic job on the page........I feel like a kid at Christmas with a new toy just looking at the website! Thank you very much!--Drew Green, Columbus Fire Football
Brad is my first and foremost recommendation to anyone I know looking for a truly professionally developed finished product you can be proud of. I am also pleased that he is a local business person. I like keeping our local businesses in business."--Douglas Gamble, Christs Church Of God.
"We knew in the short time we met he was the person we wanted to work with.His work has been great and flawless. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Everything I've asked has been done in a fast and timely manor and he has shown professionalism every step of the way."--Joe Markwell Owner Lancaster Sabers
Brad you made that happen just as much as I did. It was an awesome experience and I'm forever grateful to have met you and all of the many people who worked so hard to make it happen.--Robin Renee Crews-Walton, C.E.O. Logan-Hocking Community Center. In Reference to the Marketing of the center.

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"Worry less about who you offend and more about who you inspire.".-- Don Purdum



One of the highlights in my life was being the web designer and marketing director for The Logan-Hocking Activity Center.

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See what my customers have to say about the websites that I have designed for them. They love my work and you will too.

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See some of the designs I have created for clothing, mugs and prints. LHS grads will be interested in some of these nice things

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Semi pro Football Pricing

Football website design

The 2017 season is just around the corner and your team is getting ready not only take your division, but also your league and the National title.

I am sure most of you have someone who takes care of your website, a friend, coach or other person. The problem is for you to get the message out about your team you need more than just "someone who does that" when it comes to your online presence. You need someone who knows and understands what makes a website interesting and useful.

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Favorite Images of 2016

I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine some of the things I enjoy doing --- Especially the music produced by the great indie entertainers in Southeastern Ohio. Read more--->>

One of my Proudest Endeavors

lhaccoverWhen you ask most people what their best or favorite accomplishment is the vast majority will say their kids. But that is the p.c. easy way out of a question that tells people a lot about the person being asked. Of course you are proud of your kids and family. Read More----->>

What I learned From The 2016 Election.

What I learned from the 2016 ElectionThe most blatant example of this was when on the same day information came out about both candidates. One was the revelation of the video involving Donald Trump and Billy Bush, Read more--->>

Cool Things

With Lizzy and Rebecca Long

Lizzy Long with Bradley Finnearty and Rebecca Long

I have many great memories of my time at The Logan-Hocking Community Center, one my favorites is when I had the honor of meeting Grand Ole Opry stars Lizzy Long and Little Roy Lewis with Rebecca Long (Lizzy's twin) at a concert to raise money for the Center.

The Snakeman

Devin "the snakeman michaels"

While being involved in photographing and helping to market indie wrestling in Southeastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia Bobbi and I had the opportunity to meet Devin "The Snake Man" Michaels. Yes, it is a real snake.

Kent Schoolfield

kent schoolfield

While at the Logan-Hocking Community Center I had the honor of meeting former Florida A&M coach and N.F.L. player Kent Schoolfied.